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About Our App

With ONE you can encrypt messages or even attachments or files. The encrypted message can not be decrypted since InstaPad uses OneTimePad. The one and only process that is proved to be uncrackable.

Not decryptable

With regular encryption, decryption is just a matter of time or ressources. Messages enciphered by ONE though are never decryptable. No matter how much calculation effort its used.

Use of OTP

One Time Pad is nothing new. It was already used in 1882 and is still in use here and there. But with ONE it can be used on mobile devices, so everybody can communicate safely.

Free of charge

ONE can be downloaded and used for free. Encryption keys of higher capacity can be purchased on demand.

How The App Works?


In order to work properly, you have to identify yourself with your (or another unique) email-address.

Create contacts

Select between 1:1 conversations (personal contacts) or 1:n conversations (groups). Identify the recipients by their email-address. The addresses have to match the recipients settings on their phones.

Key generation

One of the conversation members needs to generate a random key which is the base of the one time pad algorithm. Afterwards the key has to be shared with all participants of the conversation by transferring the key directly from device to device via bluetooth.


After exchanging the keys, you're good to go. Feel free to encrypt files or attachments. For text notes, you can create the notes directly in the app. Happy crypting :)

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Your privacy is our major concern, since it is the whole reason for this app. In order to monitor the proper work of this app, there are two categories of data usage:

Anonymous data
We are sending anonymous usage data to appsee.com, primary to track crashes and errors of the app.

Personal data
Your personal identifier (email-address) is only locally stored in the app.

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